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Incidents in the Life of a Slave
2020 Deluxe Edition
Hardcover with full color dust jacket. A collector's copy.

by Harriet Jacobs
You MUST read this compelling story!

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Harriet Jacob's 1853 breathtaking account of being born into slavery and her utltimate escape from being enslaved by her evil master who abused her for many years.

This story is unusual for quite a few reasons. First Harriet learned to read and write and sought out to write about the miserable existance she endured. She escapted only by hiding from her master for 7 years in the attic of her grandmother's house.He searched but couldn't find her and when she did escape to the north he paid slave catchers money to find her and bring her back to him. It's a thrilling story about how she survived being a slave and and how she finally got freedom for her and her 2 children. Available online and wherever books are sold.

Available December 2020 from Basket Road Press
Brand New. First Edition. Un-titled.
Read about the amibtions of a man who all he wanted to be was a country music DJ. His idea of ultimate happiness and achievement was reaching out over the air waves and entertainining thousands of listeners. He met famous people and many interesting and unique not so famous people over a career span of decades. In this book readers will read many interesting stories about the music and broadcasting industry and stars of Nashville and the Grand Ol' Opry.
Available December 2020  online and wherever books are sold.
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